Baltic Fleet Aviation

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ICM 48025

Scale   1/35
Historical Period   WWI


Baltic Fleet Aviation
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One of the major purposes of the German offensive in the beginning of war in the Soviet-German front was Leningrad. Since the first days of war reconnaissance aircrafts, and then bombers of Luftwaffe began to occur above the city. Leningrad air covering was carried out with 8th fighter Aviation Corps of Air Defense (IAC), formed July 7, 1941 and fighter aviation of the Baltic Fleet. The 7th IAC included ten fighter regiments (IAP), the aviation of the Baltic Fleet included three IAP. In first Half of July,1941 the group of German armies "North" has left on distant approaches to Leningrad. It became possible for Luftwaffe to strengthen bombing attacks on city. In total for July_august,1941 German planes have made 17 group attacks to Leningrad. Soviet Fighters shot down 192 bombers. September 8, 1941 Leningrad was blockaded from land. Massive attacks of the German bombers continued. In April, 1942 the German aviation has made attempt to destroy the ships of the Baltic Fleet, however has not achieved essential results, having lost about 80 planes. Fighter aviation of the Leningrad Army of Air Defense and Baltic Fleet was widely involved in covering transportations over Ladoga lake. In result German armies did not managed to blockade city completely. In January, 1944 the aviation of the 13th Air Army, the Leningrad Army of Air Defense and Baltic Fleet carried out the air covering operation on final route of the group of German armies "North" near Leningrad. The arms of Baltic Fleet aviation consisted of MiG3 fighters, various types of A.Yakovlev fighters, and since 1944 -Spitfire Mk. IX fighters have begun to come into service. The model kit includes fighters MiG-3 (122 parts), Yak-7B (90 parts), Spitfire LF.IX E(138 parts) with 1 set of pilots and ground personnel (96 parts).