ICM 48065 Spitfire Mk VIII US Air Force

Product Code

ICM 48065

Type   Aircraft
Scale   1/48
Historical Period   WWI


ICM 48065 Spitfire Mk VIII US Air Force
Entering service in August 1943, the Spitfire VIII combined the best of the engine and airframe advances made over the preceding years. Some were powered by the Merlin 70, some by the Merlin 61 or 63, and some with the Merlin 66. C-type wings which could accommodate either two cannon, one cannon and two machine guns, or four machine guns were used on many of the Mk VIII's, along with added fuel tanks, while many late-production aircraft featured a pointed rudder. In many ways the Mk VIII was the best of the Spitfires series, but as it never saw service in Northern Europe, its capabilities largely went unrecognized. There was a reason for this: it was overtaken by events, being overshadowed by the numerically later, but operationally earlier, Mk IX. Two interesting modifications were tried on individual Mk VIII's: the first was a six-bladed, contra-rotating propeller the second was a tear canopy to improve the pilot's rearward view. Both these features were adopted as standard on later production variants. More than 1,600 machines built.