ALA 35002 T-28 (1938)

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ALA 35002

Type   Tanks
Scale   1/35
Historical Period   WWII


ALA 35002 T-28 (1938)
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The T -28 was the first Soviet medium tank to enter mass production. Designed between 1931-1933, its principal battlefield role was to support infantry and other ground troops against enemy strong points. The armament was housed in three turrets, following the then prevailing views amongst tank designers of the time which favored the multi- turret concept. The main turret was armed with the KT -28 (76,2 mm) gun which was specifically designed for this tank to devastate enemy strong points and armor. The two remaining small turrets were each armed with a DT (7,62 mm) machine gun which was used I mainly against infantry and light-armor. Model kit is suitable for age 10 to adult. Contains decals and assembly instructions. Paint and cement not included.