BZ-ZiS-5V Soviet WW2 Army Fuel Truck mod. 1942

Product Code

EE 35154

Type   Trucks
Scale   1/35
Historical Period   WWII


BZ-ZiS-5V Soviet WW2 Army Fuel Truck mod. 1942
EST-35154 1/35 BZ-ZiS-5V Soviet WW2 Army Fuel Truck mod. 1942 model kit In November 1941 German Wehrmacht approached Moscow. Production of trucks ZiS-5 at ZiS-factory was stopped and equipment and details were evacuated to the Ural. But in January 1 942, taking into account great losses or transport vehicles suffered at the front, the governmentdecide to restore production of trucks in Moscow. Due to shortage of specialists, equipment, quality raw materials, the construction of ZiS-5 truck was simplified and the design was substantially changed. The new version became 200 kg less metal consuming, driver's cab and cargo body were made of wood, front-wheel brakes were no longer used. In March 1942 in the town of Ulyanovsk the first batch of ZiS-5 trucks was produced of details that were evacuated and in June in Moscow the first ZIS-5V was assembled. Production of trucks on the Ural (the town of Miass) started only in 1 944. ZIS- 5V was used as the basis for a number of modifications. The following modifications were produced serially: half-track truck ZiS-42 ambulance truck ZiS-44 fuel truck BZ-ZiS-5V, aerodrome truck BZ-43 and VMZ searchlight truck 3-5-12 repair truck PM5. Besides the truck was used in anti-aircraft defense. ZiS-SV and Ural-ZiS-5V were produced in numerous modifications (lorry-mounted cranes, special-purpose trucks etc.) even afteer the war. Technical data of BZ-ZIS-5V Year of Production - 1942-1946 Lenght - 5820 mm Width - 2100 mm High - 2185 mm Wheelbase - 3810 mm Cistern - 3000 liters Hoses - 2x6(8)m., diameter 38 mm Pumps: hand(Garda type) - 2 Max. speed - 60 km/h