Cold War (US Army, Soviet Army, GDR Army)

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ICM 35901

Type   Figures
Historical Period   WWII


Cold War (US Army, Soviet Army, GDR Army)
In 1949 the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was, the leading role in which one were played USA. In reply to this May 14, 1955 the Warsaw Treaty Organization, including The Soviet Union was built. In 1956 the army of GDR was included in a structure of armed Forces of the Warsaw Treaty. The opposition between two largest military blocs received title "Cold War", was finished in the beginning 90 years disintegration of USSR and dissolution of the Warsaw Treaty Organization. He model kit includes 126 parts for 12 figures. Paints and glue are not included. Not suitable for children under 36 months contains small detachable parts.Made in Ukraine.