ICM 35121 PzKpfw II "Luchs" German Light tank

Product Code

ICM 35121

Type   Tanks
Scale   1/35
Historical Period   WWII


ICM 35121 PzKpfw II "Luchs" German Light tank
The PzKpfw II "Luchs" was the best light reconnaissance tank of WW II. This tank represented the logical completeness of PzKpfw II family and also the final German effort at light tank production. The tank was equipped with a powerful long and short range wireless communication. Its 20 mm automatic gun and 7, 92 mm machine gun was standard armament for German light tanks. The tank had good cross-country capability, speed and range. The "luchs" was used on the Eastern front, in Italy, Normandy and in Germany during the fall of the Nazi Reich. The kit includes 344 parts.