ICM 35241 PzKpfw II (F) Flamingo

Product Code

ICM 35241

Type   Tanks
Scale   1/35
Historical Period   WWII


ICM 35241 PzKpfw II (F) Flamingo
The Panzerkampfwagen II was an interim design to support the PzKpfw I before the more powerful and specialized III and IV series were ready. The vulnerability of these tanks to anti-tank guns was already made clear under the conditions of Civil War in Spain, but despite all disadvantages large-scale production continued till 1942. The German army had over 1000 PzKpfw Iis when the Russian campaign began in 1941. It was used in frontline units well into 1942. With improved suspension, chassis and armor, road speed 45 mph and about 100 miles range it was very reliable and continued to be employed as a scout vehicle in armored reconnaissance units. The flamethrower tank PzKpfw II (Flamm) - Sd Kfz 122 consist in the inventory of German army in an initial stage of the Second World War. Within 1940 was made 112 and was rebuilt from tanks Pz II D/E 43 flamethrower tanks Pz II (Flamm). The tanks PzKpfw II (Flamm), received a popular nickname "Flamingo", have gone into service of 100 and 101 Panzerabteilung (Flamm) -flamethrower tank battalions. They have shared in combats of an initial stage of war on the Soviet-German front in the summer and autumn of 1941.