ICM 35322 URAL-432 MOTORIZED Units Of GDR Army

Product Code

ICM 35322

Type   Trucks
Scale   1/35
Historical Period   WWII


ICM 35322 URAL-432 MOTORIZED Units Of GDR Army
After the end of the second World War the German territory was into western and eastern (soviet) zones of occupation. Soon the two German states: West Germany and GDR were found. In reply to the introduction of West Germany in the NATO the Warsaw treaty Organization was found, on May 14 1955. It included seven countries (including Soviet Union (Russia)). On march 1, 1956 The national army of GDR was formed and was included to the structure of Armed Forces of the Warsaw Treaty countries. The basis of land forcs of GDR Army was a motorized infantry. The motorized-rifle units, organized by the Soviet sample, were one of the most battle worthy in armies of the Warsaw Treaty. On their arms were GDR-made weapons of the Soviet models, both Soviet fighting and transport vehicles, including "URAL-4320" Trucks. In August - September 1968 the GDR army participated in invasion of Czechoslovakia. In 1990 after German affiliation, the National GDR Army has stopped the existence. Model kit ICM 35322 Includes 334 parts for assembly. Comes with rubber wheels and decals.