ICM 48011 Yak-9K

Product Code

ICM 48011

Type   Aircraft
Scale   1/48
Historical Period   WWII


ICM 48011 Yak-9K
The Yak-9 was a superb fighter which was deployed by the Red Army Air force in greater numbers than any other aircraft of its type. The prototype was developed by the A. Yakovlev Design Bureau in1942. The Yak-9K appeared in 1944. Its 45-mm cannon was the most powerful armament carried by any Soviet fighter during WW II and the cockpit had to be set back along the fuselage in order to Incorporate it .It again saw action in the opening stages of Korean War in 1950. -The model kit includes 58 parts. Paints and glue are not Included Not suitable for children under 38 months. Contains small detachable parts. Made In Ukraine