ICM 48042 Yak-7DI (M.Albert)

Product Code

ICM 48042

Scale   1/48
Historical Period   WWII


ICM 48042 Yak-7DI (M.Albert)
Major, Marcel Albert belonged to the Free French fighter regiment "Normandia-Neman" and was one of the most distinguished Aces of WW2 on Yak-7DI/Yak-9(early) fighters. Between 1943-1944 he carried out 200 combat flights, and was confirmed with the destruction of 23 enemy aircraft. M.Albert was honored with the highest award of the French Republic. On 28 November 1944 major Marcel Albert was further honored by being named a Hero of the Soviet Union for his personal score of 23 confirmed kills. One scale model of the Yak-7DI/Yak-9(earty), representing Albert's mount, is included in the kit, together with a six figures set representing Soviet Pilots and Ground Personnel. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Contains small detachable parts. Made in Ukraine.