ICM 48161 North American P-51A WWII American Fighter

Product Code

ICM 48161

Type   Aircraft
Scale   1/48
Historical Period   WWII


ICM 48161 North American P-51A WWII American Fighter
The world famous P-51 Mustang was one of the best aircraft of the WW II period. The airplane was designed by corporation North American by the order of British Royal Air Force. In Great Britain the airplane received the name Mustang. US air force also were interested of the new fighter and marked it P-51 The last modification with Allison engine P-51A - was built in 1942.The airplane had high speed and big range , but its climb and service ceiling were insufficient, especially in European theater of war. In September ,1943 they replaced P-40 in 23d Fighter Group in China, which was formed from famous "Flying Tigers".P51A were successfully used as fighters in battles with Japan aviation. On this aircraft were flown pilot-aces such as D.Hill (18,25) , J.Stewart (8) In total during 1943 310 airplanes P-51A were produced. The model kit includes 78 part.