ICM 72031 1/72 Tupolev Tu-2 model kit

Product Code

ICM 72031

Scale   1/72
Historical Period   WWII


ICM 72031 1/72 Tupolev Tu-2 model kit
The Tu-2 dive bomber, also used as a light bomber and for reconnaissance. Was an exceptional Soviet aircraft of the World War II period. The A.N. Tupolev Design Bureau was responsible for its design. The first early production model entered combat in July1941 but batch production was delayed until the end of 1943. By the end of the war the Tu-2 had proved itself in a variety of different operational roles and was paniculary acclaimed for its speed. Following the German surrender in the West the aircraft was successfully deployed against Japanese troops in China and later by the Soviet and Chinese airforce during the Korean war 1950-1953. Paints and glue are not included Not suitable for children under 36 months Contains small detachable pans. Made In Ukraine