ICM S.002 Groser Kurfurst

Product Code

ICM S002

Type   Ships
Scale   1/350
Historical Period   WWI


ICM S.002 Groser Kurfurst
Germany quickly followed Great Britain's lead and by the outbreak of WW I had four classes of Dreadnought in service and Grosser Kurfurst of Konig class was one of them. In common with other German designs, the Konigs were well protected, and unlike many German designs, they were excellent sea-boats, with a good beam for stable shooting. However they possessed poor endurance as they were designed for North Sea operation and not for worldwide use. The ship was laid down by the Vulcan shipyard at Hamburg on 10 March 1911, launched on the 5th of May 1913 being commissioned on the 30th July 1914. Gro?er Kurfurst took part in the Battle of Jutland where suffered eight hits which resulted in 15 killed among her crew. On 5 November 1916 she was hit by a torpedo from eh British submarine J-1 off Danish coast, but managed to make it safely to port for repair. In March 1917 Groser Kurfurst and Kronprinz (another Konig class dreadnought) collided in the Heligoland but both returned to service at the end of April 1917. Took part in the Operation Albion but was mined off the Russian coast where destroyed the Russian ship Slava on 17 October 1917. After the Armistice she was interned at Scapa Flow and was scuttled by her crew on the 21st June 1919, later raised in April 1938 and scrapped at Rosyth. Displacement: 25,390 tons to 28,600 tons Speed: 21 to 23 knots Range: 8,000 nm at 12 knots, 4,000 nm at 18 knots Dimensions: 580 ft overall Armament: Ten 12" guns in pairs in five turrets. Fourteen 5.9" single guns and eight 3.4" single guns and four 3.4" anti aircraft guns. Five torpedo tubes below waterline.