IT-28 Soviet WW2 Engineering Tank-Bridgelayer

Product Code

ALA 35003

Type   Tanks
Scale   1/35
Historical Period   WWII


IT-28 Soviet WW2 Engineering Tank-Bridgelayer
The IT-28, engineering tank-bridgelayer, was designed in 1940 at the Kirov factory in Leningrad. Its main role was escorting tank columns during marches and battle and to support regular tanks crossing natural and artificial obstacles. The IT -28 was developed on the base of the medium T -28 tank.The shape of the hull front part was changed. Two DT (7,62) machine-guns in spherical units, housed in the hull front, formed all the weapons of the vehicle. The eight-faced control housing was mounted instead of an artillery turret. For the bridging operations IT -28 was equipped with special-engineering installation. During June, 1940 on the proving ground of tank institute the IT-28 prototype passed detailed trials, which demonstrated extreme reliability of the tank and the bridge. Soon order for serial building of IT -28 was put to Kirov factory.Several IT -28's were used during the first weeks of WWII in Soviet Union in Carpathian mountains and Lviv region. One tank , captured and used by German troops.