Moscow Air Defense

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ICM 48024

Type   Aircraft
Scale   1/72
Historical Period   WWII


Moscow Air Defense
One of the main objectives of the German Supreme command since the first days of war in the Soviet-German front was Moscow - the important centre of Communications and a war industry. Already June 22, 1941 German reconnaissance aircraft Ju 88 has appeared above Moscow. AndJuly, 2 He 111 of 5/KG53 were Shot down by Soviet Yak-1 fighter. The first fights in the sky above Moscow have shown combat readiness of air defence system. Moscow air defence was formed in 30th years.In a basis of its organization laid the principle of all-round defence, disposed in depth on 200 km. The Moscow zone of air defence, including 1st Corps and four brigade regions, was created February 14, 1941. June 20, 1941 6st Fighter Aviation Corps of Air Defence (IAC), led by colonel I.Klimov, was formed. It included 11 fighter regiments (389 fighters, including MiG-3, LaGG-3, Yak-1). Fighter regiments of 6th IAC were based in airfields around Moscow in 100-120km. radius. Till July 22, 1941 the quantity of 6th IAC regiments was increased up to 29, and quantity of planes- up to 585. Almost daily night attacks of Luflwaffe to Moscow have begun form July 22, 1941, proceeding till August, 10. Massed attacks (100-120 planes) alternated with raids of groups at 50-80 bombers which were successfully repulsed by fighters and an anti-aircraft artillery. Till November 7, 1941 6th IAC pilots have shot down 393 German planes. Since November, 1941 the German command has practically refused bombardment of Moscow, Further there were only single reconnaissance aircrafts above Moscow, successfully intercepted by fighters of air defence. The arms of Moscow air defence aviation consisted of MiG-3 fighters, further- various types of A. Yakovlev fighters, such as Yak-7DI, and since 1944 Spitfire Mk. IX fighters have begun to come into service, The model kit includes fighters MiG-3 (122 parts), Yak-7DI (69 parts), Spitfire F.IX C (79 parts) with pilots and ground personnel (96 parts). Paints and glue are not