PANZER II AUSF D 1939-1945

Product Code

ICM 35231

Type   Tanks
Scale   1/35
Historical Period   WWI


PANZER II AUSF D 1939-1945
The German light tank PzKpfw II Ausf D (SdKfz 121) - One of the fastest full-track vehicles of WW II the mining of the fast-running tank" started by the German corporation Daimler-Benz in 1938. The machine was intended for rigging of cavalry and "light" divisions of Wehrmacht The hull of a new form, and also the suspensions with torsion bars and four road wheels of large diameter distinguished it from earlier modifications of the Pz II The tank pz II D gained speed up to 55 km/h. At plants of the corporation MAN 143 machines, were constructed only, subsequently part of them was rebuild in flamethrower tanks PzKpfw II FLAMM (SdKfz 122) The tanks PzKpfw II D participated in Polish and French campaigns of Wehrmacht (1939- 1940) The model kit includes 327 parts Paints and glue are not included Not suitable for children under 36 months Contains small detachable parts. Made in Ukraine.