S.001 Konig WWI German battleship

Product Code

ICM S001

Scale   1/350
Historical Period   WWI


S.001 Konig WWI German battleship
Battleship "Konig" belonged to the number of the most illustrious ships of Kaiser German Navy of WWI period. "Konig" (the King), was laid down at Imperial Shipyard in Wilhelmshaven 3.10.1911, launched 1.03.1913 and commissioned 9.08.1914. Battleships of "Konig" type were mighty vessels, excellently geared for North Sea conditions. The four sister ships formed the 3rd Squadron of Open Sea Navy (Hochseeflotte ). "Konig" became the flagship of Rear Admiral Benke. The 3rd Squadron of Battleships took part in all battle operations of Open Sea Navy after the WWI started. One of the sorties caused the Battle of Jutland May 31-June 1, 1916, -the greatest and fierce sea battle of WWI. British battleships "Warspite","Valiant" and "Malaya" were severely damaged. "Konig" took part in Moonsund operation at Baltic Sea against Russian Navy, September-October, 1917. After the armistice was signed the German Navy was interned by alliances at Scapa-Flow, where almost all vessels, including all 4 "Konig" sister ships, were scuttled by their crews June, 21 1919. The kit includes 507 parts. Paints and glue are not included. Contains small detachable parts. Made in Ukraine.