Ural-4320 UN Forces on Balkans

Product Code

ICM 35372

Type   Trucks
Scale   1/35
Historical Period   WWII


Ural-4320 UN Forces on Balkans
One of the most scale and bloody armed conflicts of the end of 20th century became conflict on Balkan. After disintegration of Yugoslavia in 1991 and derivation on its territory of a number of independent states there was a lot of spots of armed struggle. Among them it is possible to term conflicts between Serbia and Croatia, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Kosovo. The United Nations Organization of conditions in former Yugoslavia has routed peace-making forces. Their structure included troops contingents of Russia and USA. The kit includes Ural-4320 Russian army truck,4 figures of Russian serviceman and 4 figures of US serviceman. Paints and glue are not included. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Contains small detachable parts. Made in Ukraine.